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Are we still fall transitioning? Well, if you live in my part of the world (wassup, Phoenicians?!) you are! While the temps are coming down, we're still not out of the summer weather. We're still twirling in our summer dresses by day, but the overnight temperatures have cooled enough to warrant layering (like, the thinnest layers ever) at night. My latest Stitch Fix box had me covered for this lovely time of year and I can't wait for you to see what they sent me.

**Stitch Fix is a style service that sends you a curated box of clothing to suit your tastes and needs. For a styling fee of $20/box, you can have five items sent to your door. Then try them on with what you already have in your closet! Have Fixes sent to you monthly, or anytime your closet needs a boost- it's up to you. To get started with Stitch Fix, use my referral link for a $25 credit - click here!**


Let's start with this bold, leopard print top in a beautiful mustard color. If you've been watching me on YouTube for a minute, you know I love a leopard print. Like, I cannot get enough. So I was not mad to see yet another leopard print top in my Fix. The color on this one is so bright and the fit is on point. I recently let go of two cropped, tie-front leopard print tops (as of this writing, they are available to buy in my Poshmark closet, here). I liked them, but they were too short for my taste - particularly with summer waning (although they'd be cute with faux leather leggings or high waist, velour track pants - both hot items this season). This VIXBE top is more my vibe. The elastic on the sleeve hem ensures that the sleeves stay hiked on the arm. Very chic. I can't wait to pair it up with my own faux leather pieces this fall. When the spring comes back around, this will be lovely with white pants.


This mixed material tee surprised me. I am VERY picky about tees, but this one was lovely - even with the gigantic pocket at the bust. I'm not usually a fan of such pockets, but because this one was in such contrast to the top, it worked. The rainbowed snakeskin print of the pocket picks up in the back, making this ordinary tee quite edgy. It was soft and lightweight (why are so many t-shirts stiff and heavy?) and the sleeves fell at the right spot for me. The slight angle to the sleeves gives the appearance of slimmer arms (thank you, Jesus! lol!). The minute I put this on, I knew it was a keeper.


I was on the fence about whether I wanted to keep this cardigan, but a few things won me over. The first thing was the color. I have a blazer in this same shade that I love. Unfortunately, it's a little snug around the arms. I thought this cardigan might be an easier-to-wear alternative. I also liked the mixture of textures on this piece. You can't tell in the photo, but there are a few different textures going on. I love items that are unique in ways like that. Finally, the length of this cardi is so good (read: it doesn't look like a bathrobe). Cardigans are not usually my jam, but this is going to be a great layering piece and something I reach for again and again.


I requested a pair of black pants for this Fix. I asked that they not be skinny, denim, or a legging. As for the request, my stylist nailed it. These were a beautiful, stretchy, rayon blend pant with plenty of length (I have a 33" inseam). I know this material wrinkles after every wash, but with some care, these types of pants wear well over time. My problem with these pants was that they were a little bit big. My stylist sent me a 12. I'm usually a 10. Much to my chagrin, the sizing wasn't WAY off. I almost kept them. Their oversized-ness gave a cool-girl vibe that I was feeling. They weren't falling off of me (thanks to the wide, elastic waist), but they didn't exactly fit either. They felt TOO roomy. So, I sent them back. I'll keep an eye out for another pair of similar pants with that slouchy vibe and a better fit.


I partially blame myself for this dress not working out better. One of the keys to getting great Fixes is to make sure that your style profile is always up to date. It's been a while since I'd peeked at mine and it was definitely time to update. Based on my then-current profile, this dress should have been a good fit. But I'm no longer a M/L or 8/10 in dresses. I'm squarely in the Large, size 10 category. Also, I've had a proper bra fitting since my last profile update. My bust is much larger than I had listed. So it was obvious why this dress barely covered my chest and wouldn't nicely wrap over my waist. But, I blame my stylist for sending me this frilly style. The odd print on top of the ruffles was too much for me. Although I could see toughening up this look with a moto jacket, on its own it was a hard pass.

And that's it! This was actually a pretty fun box! It was the closest to being a 5/5 that I've had in a bit. I usually do a full video where you can see me talk through the whole box, but long-form video has been an issue lately. To see me do a super quick try on of these items, check out this Reel on my Instagram page. While you're there, follow me for daily style and shopping inspo. Can't wait to see your face over there! Until then...

Live with love,


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Is there anything better than an impromptu weekend getaway? Hardly. Unfortunately, that's a near impossibility this summer. But if I could align the stars for a weekend respite, I know where I'd go (Palm Springs) and what I'd pack (plenty of poolside worthy coverups). A lot of us are thinking of fall because the kids are back to school (whatever that looks like) and/or we're over this isolated summer. But I hesitate to skip over this last hurrah of the season. It's important to live in the moment - particularly now - and be mindful of what we have, rather than longing for what's next. I find that to be no more true than when it comes to our closets. Rather than pining

away for blazers and boots, let's savor the end of season sales. Yes, SALES! Many of the season's best sales will drop in August instead of their usual July. And they'll be offering up all the summer trends. Let's also relish in end of summer dressing for the trips we'll take (perhaps only to the backyard) or the ones we're dreaming of (quiet, beach bungalow, anyone?). Languish in sunset hues of orange, red, and pink; or lolly in nautical blues and crisp whites. Hit the highway in on-trend prairie dresses or lightweight linen. Stay close to home in versatile shirt dresses. Whether at home or in the car, embrace embellished slides that can be set aside when you're ready to be grounded. However you get away for these final weeks of summer, you can't go wrong. But if you need help, I'm always around, of course. Together we'll uncover the perfect outfit that will inspire your idyllic summer getaway - whether it's miles or mere steps away.

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I don't know how you spent your 4th of July weekend, but I spent mine online shopping. Was it just me, or were the sales especially good this year?!? I could have spent a lot more than I did, but I tried to keep it under control. LOL! I hit up three of my favorite websites and this is what I found...

Chaser Cheap Trick Tee

This tee arrived with an unexpected surprise: tiny holes! LOL! I didn't see them in the photo, but there they were! I thought they added character to the tee and wasn't upset about seeing them. Although I could wear a medium in Chaser tees, I went with a large so I could knot it in the front. I have a feeling I'll be wearing it A LOT.

THIRTY-NINE 42 Frankie Y Drop Necklace

This Y-shaped necklace is giving me disco vibes - and I'm here for it! This is the perfect necklace to dress up a plain tee or add some sizzle to a LBD (little black dress).

Billabong Sunburnt Sky Maxi Kimono

I saw YouTuber, ReMaking Missy, trying this on in an unboxing video. It was love at first sight. This kimono wasn't on sale, but I had to have it! I can't wait to pair it up with denim shorts and white tanks.

Jean-ish® Ankle Leggings

I love me some Spanx! These jean style leggings are no exception. Not only do I love the color and the length, they make my lower half look amazing. These super comfy pants hold you in through the tummy, give you great butt, and make your thighs look amazing. I can't say enough good things. I foresee these being in heavy rotation!

Pillow Cup Signature Full Coverage Bra

I am also a huge fan of Spanx bras. I usually wear the Bra-llelujah!® Full Coverage Bra, but I think this style is going to be a winner, too. My first impression is that it is very comfortable with great coverage (as promised). It gives a great shape under tees and smooths out upper back rolls. Another hit from Spanx.

Venus Sailor Front Pants (thrifted from ThredUp)

I am crossing my fingers that a few tweaks to these cute, linen pants will make me love them. They are a little snug across the tummy/hips/rear, but not uncomfortably so. I am hoping that because they are linen, that they will relax a little. I also think they are a little short - but that could just be me. I am considering adding to the hem to make them closer to floor length. We'll see!

<<<Want to try out ThredUp, save some cash, and keep another t-shirt out of a landfill? Use my link {here} for $10 towards your first purchase! Yes, that's an referral link and I'll get a li'l something, too, for sending you over! It's a win-win!>>>

That's everything! See, I didn't do too much damage! If you like these hauls, be sure to DM me and let me know over on Instagram!

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